Installing Trend Micro - Step 1

To start off, insert the disc supplied with your software, into the disc tray of your computer. If you do not have a disc tray, you may need to consider purchasing an external one to plug in via USB into your current computer, or optionally download from Trend Micro's website. If the disc has been loaded, a window will pop up that looks like the provided screenshot

Installing Trend Micro - Step 2

Given the Trend Micro installer can be used to install a Trial Version, it will ask you to select and Enter your License Serial found in your Trend Micro package. Select Paid Version and type in the Key provided (See Screenshot)

Installing Trend Micro - Step 2
Installing Trend Micro - Step 3

Accept the License Agreement to continue. It is advised you allow the 'Share threat information with Trend Micro' to better help improve the database information in the future.

Installing Trend Micro - Step 4

When Trend Micro has completed the installation (Approx 5 Minutes) it will then ask you to activate your protection. In order to use the full features, this is Required. Enter a Valid email address and click Next.

Installing Trend Micro - Step 5

Fill out the form with valid information. Phone Number is not required, however if you choose to enter it, it is unlikely they will contact you with it any time soon. Computer Name is more of a reference as the license allows for multiple computers. This allows you to track which computers you have actively installed it on. If you don't wish to receive advertisements and news from Trend, untick the little checkbox in the bottom left hand corner.

Installing Trend Micro - Step 6

You should see this screen after you fill out the form and submit it. This means you have successfully activated the Protection and it is now valid for the next 12 months. Of course if you have done it properly, it should display your own information in lou of the blank space.

Installing Trend Micro - Step 7

Once that is all said and done, you will be brought to this window. It is your new Protection Dashboard. It is recommended you go through and configure everything the way you want as titanium provides a lot of nifty features such as Facebook Privacy Scanner and Social Networking Protection (Both which integrate directly and cleanly into your viewing experience). Dont Forget! If you own an Android Phone or Tablet, or a Apple Mac, you can also use this software on them. Click the PC/Mobile tab for more information.

Installing Trend Micro - We're Done!

Once you have completed the activation, the software will be fully functional. Trend Micro will alert you if anything needs attention, otherwise you are free to continue about your day!

Thanks for reading, we hope it helped!