Installing Mcafee - Step 1A

To start off, insert the disc supplied with your software, into the disc tray of your computer. If you do not have a disc tray, you may need to consider purchasing an external one to plug in via USB into your current computer, or optionally use the digital download service McAfee offers. If the disc has been loaded, a window will pop up that looks like the provided screenshot.

Installing Mcafee - Step 1B

Once the McAfee Launcher has initiallized, it will also do a quick scan and remove threats it finds, to ensure a smooth install can be done. You may see the provided pop up during this phase.

Installing Mcafee - Step 2

You will be presented with a standard License Agreement, you must accept it before you can continue. Here you can opt for a Custom install, this allows you to only select certain features of the software. Typically it is advised to do a Typical Install by clicking the "Install" Button.

Installing Mcafee - Step 2

If you select custom, you will be given the following screen allowing you to deselect modules you dont wish to be installed, perhaps because you have a specialty product to do it for you?

Installing Mcafee - Step 3

If McAfee finds any conflicting software installed, it will give you the option to remove or ignore it. This allows you to properly remove any expired or out of date anti-virus software you may have already had. McAfee will require a reboot before you continue. Allow it to reboot and upon turning back on, McAfee will automatically continue the installation process for you.

Installing Mcafee - Step 4

Finally, you will be asked to enter the License Key into the software itself. This will activate your 12 Months protection and enable all the security services on your computer. The license key is found in your products packaging as shown in the second image below.

Installing Mcafee - Step 4
Installing Mcafee - We're Done!

Once you have completed the activation, the software will be fully functional. McAfee will alert you if anything needs attention, otherwise you are free to continue about your day!

Thanks for reading, we hope it helped!