Installing Kaspersky - Step 1

To start off, insert the disc supplied with your software, into the disc tray of your computer. If you do not have a disc tray, you may need to consider purchasing an external one to plug in via USB into your current computer. Once the disc has been loaded, a window will pop up that looks like the provided screenshot.

Installing Kaspersky - Step 2

Click the 'Install Now' button (Highlighted above) to begin the installation process. The installation is fairly pain-free and quick, one of the many reasons Kaspersky is a favored piece of security software. Due to ongoing updates (as is expected with this type of software) you will likely also see the following screen soon after the process begins. It is advised you allow the software to update immediatly and install the newest files (See Screenshot)

Installing Kaspersky - Step 3

Upon completion of the Installation process, you will be immediatly asked for activation. At this stage you can activate a Trial Version or activate the version you purchased. This is where Kaspersky can be a little bit confusing.

STOP!! - The Registration Code you are given in your package is NOT to be entered here, it will NOT work.

Installing Kaspersky - Step 4

Kaspersky requires that you register for a License Key to activate your product, effectivly making it a 3-step process. We must now go online to register the product and have a license key emailed. Either type the URL provided in the package (It should match the one in the picture) or simply Click Here

Installing Kaspersky - Step 5

Now that we are here, you enter the registration code included in your Kaspersky package. It will look similar to the one shown below. Enter it into the highlighted text field and continue with the registration, filling in the details necessary and completing it.

Installing Kaspersky - Step 5
Installing Kaspersky - Step 6

You will usually need to wait no more than 15 Minutes, and an email will go to the email you specified during registration including a License Key. Check your emails and find the key, It has been highlighted in the screenshot provided, as to where it would be.

Installing Kaspersky - Step 7

Finally, Enter the License Key into the software where we left of, and continue. It will Activate the product and allow you to begin using it. Always check for updates and address any problems/suggestions Kaspersy has detected before you push it into the background. Thi sensured smooth operations from the beginning.

Installing Kaspersky - We're Done!

That's it! It got a little bit confusing there if you didn't pay attention, but it is generally straight forward. Just remember that this software is designed to be sold to and installed by the customer. How easy was that!

Thanks for reading, we hope it helped!