Installing Bitdefender - Step 1

To start off, insert the disc supplied with your software, into the disc tray of your computer. If you do not have a disc tray, you may need to consider purchasing an external one to plug in via USB into your current computer, or optionally use the handy feature offered to copy the installation files to a USB (See Pic Below). If the disc has been loaded, a window will pop up that looks like the screenshot

Installing Bitdefender - Step 2a

If you opt to copy the installation files to USB, you will see this window. Simply navigate to the USB stick after plugging in, and click OK

Installing Bitdefender - Step 2

When you begin the installation, Bitdefender will prompt you if you would like to download the latest updates before installing, it is advised that you click YES and allow it to update itself.

Installing Bitdefender - Step 3

You will now be asked to Register your product. You will need to provide your license key (Example given in picture below) and a valid email address. You will be sent an email that is used to finish activation with Bitdefender.

Installing Bitdefender - Step 3
Installing Bitdefender - We're Done!

Once you have completed the activation, the software will be fully functional. Bitdefender will alert you if anything needs attention, otherwise you are free to continue about your day!

Thanks for reading, we hope it helped!